Xbox 360 updating libraries

Posted by / 12-Feb-2020 16:34

Xbox 360 updating libraries

And fix the navigation like it was even if on top and it separates dashboards for each library @kayllisti that’s a good point.

Even with the server updates we can see what’s new. My cool “On Deck”, “Recently Added” and other groupings have been replaced with this?!?

As previously mentioned, the game is also enhanced on Xbox One X.

However with the Xbox, it updates whether you like it or not, and does not even tell you what the update is for. That’s basically how I feel it added complexity and a new age look at the cost of functionality to some degree and the only positive I’ve seen is it loads items faster, anyways take that advice how you want, I have a nice roku ultra I can use also on all my tv’s so if combining my libraries doesn’t make this feel better I’ll just use it instead I agree that they’ve screwed the pooch on this update. I also don’t appreciate hiding my personal libraries.

I too have separate collections of TV shows in a different library from my DVR directory. I was just bragging about my Plex environment today, but came home to this craptastic downgrade.

You can see the full list of Xbox One BC games here.

Microsoft made a number of other big announcements during Tuesday's Inside Xbox broadcast.

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